Bitcoin Basics

Welcome to ‘Bitcoin Basic,’ the perfect starting point for beginners eager to explore Bitcoin and step confidently into the world of cryptocurrency.


  • No headache anymore about all the Bitcoin and crypto stuff
  • You finally have an overview and can easily find your way around bitcoin
  • Get an overview of the best Bitcoin wallets
  • Get your first Bitcoins
  • Ask your question directly to the expert


  • No requirement – for everyone who wants to understand bitcoin


  • This course takes place online
  • Course language is German 🇩🇪 / 🇨🇭
  • Dates:
    • Autumn dates to be confirmed
    • You can also check the “Bitcoin Seminar für Starter” from our Partner House of Satoshi. Events here


  • Price: 50 CHF
  • Pay in CHF or Bitcoin


Alain Imhof 21 Lectures

Alain Imhof

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