Bitcoin Revison

Dive into ‘Bitcoin Revision,’ a specialized course crafted for auditors.

This course is a co-organization of EXPERTSuisse and 21 Lectures.

Next course: 28 March 2024

Are you an accountant or trustee and interested in Bitcoin in accounting? 
Then take a look HERE.


  • You learn the history and basics of bitcoin
  • You will be able to use bitcoin with your wallet
  • You will understand how bitcoin and the transactions (UTXO) in bitcoin works
  • You will receive proven methods for customer-orientated accounting and valuation of Bitcoin. 
  • Identifying risks in the financial statements in connection with bitcoin
  • You will be able to judge whether Bitcoin is presented appropriately in the financial statements
  • You will know the tools that support these processes


  • Hybrid course: online or in-person 
  • Location: Online or EXPERTsuisse Campus, Stauffacherstrasse 1, 8004 Zürich
  • Date: Thursday, 28.03.2024 08:30 – 16:45
  • Costs: Check EXPERTSuisse Website


Alain Imhof 21 Lectures

Alain Imhof

Bernhard Meier

Bernhard Meier

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