At 21 Lectures we strive to have the best Bitcoin educators from around the world. 

Every lecturer has a unique expertise and has proven it in practise. Our goal is to pass on our Bitcoin knowledge competently and comprehensively in the courses and ensure easy understanding through hands on examples and interactions.  

Christian Decker, Lightning Dev

Lightning Dev, Blockstream Corp.

Christian Decker

Marko Bencun, Shifzt Crypto AG

Bitbox Developer, Shift Crypto AG

Marko Bencun

Dominik Spicher 21 Lectures

Bitcoin App. Dev, 21 Analytics AG

Dominik Spicher

Filip Gospodinov, 21 Analytics

CTO, 21 Analytics AG

Filip Gospodinov

Alain Imhof 21 Lectures

Bitcoineducator @ 21 Lectures

Alain Imhof

Bernhard Meier

Dipl. Wirtschaftspr├╝fer, TreuValues

Bernhard Meier